Warranty & Claim

Our Part manufacturer warranty is 12 Months from date of invoice or receiving of product if order online, unless specified otherwise. All parts must be fitted by qualified auto mechanic to maintain the warranty.

All Window Regulator Switches warranty period are 3 Months.

All Halogen Bulbs are no warranty.

Our Part warranty cover part only and will not cover installation labour cost or services provided by a third party.

We will not be liable for any damage, loss or injury suffered as a result of any person failing to follow instructions relating to usage or installation of product, material and/or product modifications, failing to appropriately maintain or store them or using them for an unintended purpose(s).

Warranty Claim

In case of product faulty claim, you will need to send the item back to be conducted an assessment to determine the nature and extent of the fault. This may include sending the product to the manufacturer or their repair agent. The products that are likely to require assessment include electrical and specially procured items. The assessment may take up to 2-6 weeks.

We will notify you of the outcome as soon as the assessment has been complete.

The warranty claim process is normally take 3 to 5 Business days of receiving item or after assessment completed.